Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Tempus fugit
Do you ever wonder where the day goes? One
minute you're sipping that first cup of coffee.
But before you know it, you're gulping down
an end of day cocktail. Almost every adult feels
that there aren't enough hours in each day. Yet
the majority of those overwhelmed have to work
for a living. In other words, they perform tasks
for somebody else and are compensated for it.
Whereas at this point of my life - the only boss
I answer to is myself. Given in theory I've got
plenty of time on my hands - I've no excuse for
poor time management. And yet each day seems
to come and go all too quickly.
Round trip excursion
In theory every day should be an adventure. Yet
hardly a day passes when I'm not exhausted and
somewhat disenchanted by it's end. It's not that
I don't like putting in a hard days work. What I
resent is that given I'm currently not employed,
I should be off off the clock. However mine is
still ticking - with a vengeance! Therefore try
as I might, I just can't seem to check off my ad
infinitum list. Nor can I overcome my inability
to finally get a grasp on the situation. Thus oh
so slowly - step by step - project by project I'm
finally gaining momentum. But is that enough
to even possibly get me to a better place?
Spin cycle
Once one is out of the loop most circle back to
just another routine. I continue to rise with the
morning sun. Post brewing the coffee, I empty
the dishwasher and put everything in it's place.
Next I read the New York Times, Washington
Post, Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post
on-line. Thus depending on the mood of our
madman in chief - I can easily get distracted.
Post said bitch slap of surreality, I go through
my e-mail. And soon thereafter write this blog.
Then all of a sudden, I realize that half the day
is gone and in the process I've accomplished
absolutely nothing. But is that really true?!
History repeats itself
My next dilemma is what to make for dinner.
While our freezer is fully loaded - I tend to
forget to set something out. Leaving my only
options raiding the pantry or popping over to
the grocer. Somewhere in between Frank and
I say hello and share a late breakfast or early
lunch. Then each go back to our own devices.
Which for me includes a nap. At some point
I realize it's almost five and start dinner then
set the table able. Quickly it's time to clean
said mess, load the dishwasher, and finally
settle down in front of Netflix. And while it
seems like a day a la Groundhog - I love it!
Time honored traditions
My pleasure in all things pedantic may seem
boring but I find it more than satisfying. One
of the greatest benefits of growing old is being
confident enough to plant one's feet squarely
in the land of rote. A state of limbo that while
never unexpected can still be all consuming.
That's because the process of living is more
than enough to keep one occupied. Add the
occasional surprise and it's all consuming.
And while tending one's house may not be
rocket science - it's the best way to remain
grounded. Therefore whether Kim Jong Un
meets with Don or not, dinner is still at seven.