Friday, May 4, 2018


Better late than never
Many assume that I'm a rather social creature.
Over the years I've worked a room or more.
And while certainly capable of partying with
the best of them, I'm a homebody at heart.
Meaning that given the choice of going out
or staying in - I'm an innie not an outie. Of
course as with all humans there are times for
celebration. On such rare occasions I more
than happy to mix and mingle. Or of taken
to extremes, raise a ruckus. Tonight is one
of those few times when I'm going to let my
hair down and go for it. And I'm happy to
inform all of you that YOU'RE INVITED!
Late bloomers
It's hard to believe that C+V HOME only "soft
opened" three months ago. Our decision to open
a shop was capricious at best. No business plan,
no lengthy development process. Instead our
friends Eryn and Jeanna Kucera informed us
that they were opening a floral and gift shop.
And that they had no idea how they were going
to fill the other half of their space. Suddenly, the
elusive dream that we'd contemplated for years
was given a green light. And before we knew it,
we'd purchased enough antiques and vintage
home goodies to fill the space and more. No
wonder we're celebrating our dream come true!
Lone arranger
Rarely does one get to be part of what many
consider to be a "win/win" situation. Eryn is
truly one of the most talented young ladies
we know. Her floral designs took off from
the start! And everyday that we watch her
create yet another arrangement, we're truly
dazzled. In all of my years in the marketing
and creative arenas I learned that few people
have what I call "it." Said skill is the unique
eye to see things in a unique ways. The end
result being inspiring, beautiful, and damned
amazing. Fortunately for all of us, Eryn has
"it" and then some. No wonder we get along!
Management consultant
Meanwhile Jeanna is beyond smart. Totally
buttoned up, she herds the cats and keeps all
of we creative types in line. Which means
hat the cash register actually works, and the
numbers balance. Creating a situation where
both Frank and I have nothing to worry about
except making sure our shop has fabulous
merchandise and then some. All the reason
to celebrate jointly the amazing shared space
partnership between WILD IRIS Floral and
Home and C+V HOME. Somehow it just
works. Their business strategy works quite
perfectly with ours. It's blooming amazing!
Shop till you drop
So if you happen to be in Lewistown today -
please stop by our two shops to celebrate
our joint collaboration. The coolest folks
in town are certain to be there. Plus there
will be plenty of goodies to nibble and sip
upon. Most important we're both offering
TEN PERCENT OFF merchandise from
four to eight pm. Mountain Standard Time.
If nothing else, we hope you'll stop by to
see what we're doing. And hopefully see
something that you truly can't live without.
Most important you'll see me in party boy
mode. Which trust me... is a rare event at