Monday, February 9, 2015


Either or
At this point in life I've given myself
the right to say "yes" or "no". Until
now I've accepted indecisiveness as
it often seemed to be the only thing
to do. Now that I've aged I can easily
put my foot down or raise my hand to
whatever I consider to be repugnant
or resplendent. Once one honor's their
personal perspective versus popular
opinion you're freed from the shackles
of complacency. Frivolous or serious,
suddenly the pressure is off. Thus one
wonders why they waited until now.

NO: Avoid mix ups
I adore peanut butter. However that
said, I abhor opening and then stirring
up a jar of old-fashioned peanut butter.
Said task only stirs up anger within my
tired soul. There must be an easier way
than messing with that mushy morass.
While Jiffy isn't in my future, I recently
discovered several natural varieties that
come in a jar pre-mixed. Somehow any
health risk related to ingesting 2% palm
oil seems better than suffering a stroke
due to overt stirring. Hence from hereon
I plan to never mix up my nuts again.

YES: Full circle
Some find rinsing out what used to
be garbage offensive. However I'm
still amazed at the piles of plastic we
drag to the recycling center monthly.
No wonder our landfills were filling
up at alarming rates. Fortunately for
all of us, someone had the guts and
brains to force Americans to recycle.
Yet I'm still baffled at how wasteful
we all continue to be. Isn't it time to
act responsibly? Or do you expect
your children's children to clean up
YOUR mess?! Get with the program!

NO: Processing feeds
Speaking of garbage in, garbage
out, when will we all realize that
mass produced and/or processed
food is probably going to kill us.
Given obesity rates, something is
fueling our ever increasing waists.
It's easy to avoid poison. We read
labels and if unable to recognize
the ingredients, we simply don't
eat it. I realize premixed peanut
butter in theory contradicts the
above however, it's organic so it
must be good for you... right?!

YES: Humane nature
If anybody still questions the viability
of organic vs. "conventional" produce
I suggest you taste test both varieties
of broccoli. One bite of the real stuff
and you'll never go back. Not only is
organic good for you, it tastes good.
After all,  whatever you put into your
body becomes part of you. Why skimp
on your health? For a few extra cents
not only will you savor your next meal,
it's likely to extend the time between
that repast and your last. So when or
if you're given the choice - eat organic!

NO: Face off
Why is everybody posting some sort of
idiotic quiz on Facebook? Are you all
suffering from some sort of collective
identity crisis? Otherwise why the need
to identify whether you're better suited
to one country or another? I decline any
and all quizzes about who, where, or
what I am. At this point I hope that I've
figured it all out. I loathe labels. Hence
I see no benefit to announce whatever
label some computer has affixed to me
via my Facebook updates. The fact is
I'm done playing games. I am who I am.

YES: Old dog, new tricks
Yesterday I ran into a lady in her
eighties at the grocer. Someone
had sent her a printed copy of my
Christmas Eve blog (click here)
about the sad situation at St. Leo's
church. Frankly I wasn't sure how
she felt about my gay "lifestyle"
until she thanked me for standing
up and vociferously offered her
support. "Older and wiser" still
holds true. We all have the ability
to evolve. Thus I will continue to
look, listen, and learn. Will you?