Thursday, February 5, 2015


Gone to pot
For many reasons there may be little
as civilized as sipping a cup of tea
on a winter afternoon. Yesterday we
did just that with two friends. I laid
the Sun Room table with my chic
blue bird tea set. Beyond preparing
some cucumber sandwiches plus
setting out some cookies, all we had
to do was boil water and enjoy each
other's company. Or if so inclined,
sip a glass of vino or brandy. I can't
think of an easier way to entertain.
Nor a better highlight to a dreary day.
In his cups
My father loved tea. A true tea totaler,
Howard never touched a bit of booze
his entire life. Instead he sipped and
occasionally slurped multiple rather
murky cups of tea loaded with sugar
plus a splash of milk. From the very
moment he sat down to a meal, a hot
pot sat beside him. Mother preferred
coffee hence said receptacles were
personally sized. Along with whatever
tea cozy matched Ethel's table setting.
Even today I find the scent of a simple
black tea rather comforting. Hi Dad...
Hello sugah
As a boy we rarely drank iced tea.
A typical New Yorker, my mother
preferred to sip a tall glass of iced
coffee. However depending on
where one resides, iced tea can be
a staple. We've lived in locales
where the water was undrinkable.
Hence I consumed a lot of chilled
tea. Down south they guzzle it by
the gallon and it's SWEET. If you
journey below the Mason Dixon line,
I caution you to ask for unsweetened
or risk falling into a diabetic coma.
Stop & shop
High tea may be the most posh repast
imaginable. That could be due to the
accouterments. Sparkling silver, paper
thin porcelain, and crisp linens. Yet
I think it's the pomp and circumstance
of selecting one's brew of choice, then
steeping, and finally pouring. In the
old days Frank and I frequently snuck
off to Bergdorf's seventh floor around
tea time. Soon a tower of goodies and
two steaming pots sat before us. After
an hour or two, we suddenly had the
energy to do a bit of shopping!
Pour it on
The Brits know how to live. Tea
time is simply a civilized pause.
A chance to relax, regroup, and
revive oneself prior to moving on
to the evening hours. Rather than
an afternoon cocktail, it never dulls
one's senses. Depending on one's
station in life it either enables one
to prepare or dress for dinner. So
why not stop whatever you're doing
around four p.m. and pour yourself
a cup of tea. A pause that refreshes,
it will suit you to a tea. Drink up!