Friday, February 20, 2015

Share and share a "like"

From the mouths of babes
Every marketer knows there's one media
stream that you can't control - "word of
mouth." While cyber communication
offers many ways to share, recommend,
and/or comment - nothing ever beats a
personal endorsement. Whether a shared
tidbit, recipe, book, or movie - most of us
listen to a friend's advice. Given someone
who we trust has done a trial run - taking
them at their word makes our lives easier.
Isn't that what friends are for? Together
we're stronger and all end up in a much
better place. That's where you come in...
Spread the love
Many of the best relationships start
because someone who loves you
shares that love with another. While
most abhor hookups, more often
than not, they work. My friend "J"
resisted going out with her friend's
husband's best friend for years. Then
finally she gave in and met the love
of her life. Now happily married to
the best guy in the world - one can't
help but wonder if "J" ever wonders
why she didn't listen to her friend
sooner. That's where you come in.
Help is on the way
When one gains a beneficial piece of
information, most share it. My Mom
struggled with a health issue to no
avail. Then one day at her doctor's
office she struck up a conversation.
Ethel's newfound friend shared a way
to combat her health problems. After
a quick consultation with her doctor,
Mother was prescribed a drug that
had nothing to do with her symptoms.
Yet soon they were gone. At times it
may pay to rely on the kindness of
strangers... that's where you come in.
Play it forward
I've worked at a lot of companies with
many great people. That must be why
almost daily I'm asked for names. I'll
admit that I'm rather cautious and only
pass along a referral if and when the fit
is right. Over the years I've personally
benefitted via an endorsement from a
friend or colleague. Nobody knows
you better than someone who's worked
with or for you. If the person asking
the questions is smart, they know that
what goes around... comes around.
And that's where you come in.
Is that all there is?
This blog is in many ways a public
form of self indulgence. And so
each morning I sit at my computer
and just let it flow. While the result
is not always interesting to anybody
but me, most of my readers seem to
enjoy them. However the simple act
of a brain dump isn't always easy.
The average blog takes at least two
hours to complete. So... if I'm going
to do this daily, I'd love for even
more people to see and enjoy it.
Which is where you come in.
Pass it along
One of my fans is a German named
"QT" who daily reposts montanaroue'
on his personal digital page. Not only
am I grateful, I'm flattered. Now my
readership in Germany is up. All due
to "QT's" generous sharing of this
daily spew. If only there were more
like him. And that's why I'm asking
all of my readers to share the love
and by just
pressing a button that reads "share"
or sending an easy link via e-mail!
Now... that's where you come in. 

On the "QT"
Here's what "QT" says (translated) about

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