Monday, April 15, 2013

Who made this mess?

Friday night we dined with
our niece "B" at a posh place
across the street from our
new apartment. For years it
has made culinary news under
the leadership of it's high profile
chi chi celebrity chef.
We had two options when ordering. An elaborate tasting menu or a four course prixe fixe extravaganza. Each item on the menu listed at least a half a dozen ingredients. Nothing tries my patience more. I simply don't have time for such foolishness.
Shortly thereafter the pageantry began. An endless procession of amuse-bouche and frou frou were each accompanied by an elaborate ingredient diatribe.
Nothing is more ridiculous than Molecular Gastronomy. At times a chef would parade to our table to spoon out crystallized gunk from a frozen pot. In fact dear readers, I felt NO chemistry.
At this point of my life,
I have no patience for their
shtick. All of that silly
"woo woo ding dong"
pomposity is unappetizing.
Was the meal good? Yes.
Was it worth the hassle? NO!
Simply put, "never again". 
I am absolutely and totally over culinary pretension. On the other hand, last night we dined with "A" at Bill's on 54th. Simple, fresh, elegant, and perfectly prepared. I'll have another!