Saturday, April 20, 2013


Decisions, decisions... 

It's easy to second guess yourself.
Especially if your decision involves
something really important. I recently
watched as a dear friend worked
through a major life change. She
cautiously considered all the options.
Carefully evaluated each pro and con.
And then... after much thought...
finally made a decision.


Unfortunately it was the wrong decision.
When she realized the error of her ways,
she immediately consulted her lawyer.
However, paperwork had been signed,
sealed, and delivered. Therefore it wasn't
as easy as simply changing ones mind.
Per his expert advice, if she truly wanted
to right the wrong, it was going to take
quite a bit of effort and negotiation.


Or... so he and she thought.
The next morning waiting in her
mailbox was a familiar envelope
stamped "return to sender".
Too few stamps meant that she
now received a gift from God.
Suddenly the signed barrier to
happiness was back in her hands.
As was her destiny.
Happily Ever After!

Everything truly happens for a reason.
Once my errant amigo was able to right
the wrong, she finally listened to her gut
(and her friends). Together we all made
sure that this time she made the right
decision! It's funny isn't it? Being true
to one's self seems so simple and yet
we all struggle with it. More important,
there is nothing braver than being willing
to admit one's mistakes and correct them.