Thursday, April 25, 2013


I hear voices...

Everyday as I walk to/from work in
Manhattan I catch brief snippets of
conversations as I pass people on
the street. For that moment, you're
part of the dialogue. Then they pass
and you both move on. I can't help
but wonder what was really going on.
So, let's play a game today.
We'll guess the answers together!
"I'm telling you 
 she's a lousy whore!"

Obviously the lady ain't the lady
we thought she was... WHY?
a) "She cheated on her man."
b) "She has lice."
c) "She's better at it than I am."
d) Skip to question four.

"The moment I get in
 I'm telling them..."

What thrilling revelation will
be unveiled at the water cooler?
a) "I quit."
b) "I'm pregnant."
c) "I won Power Ball!"
d) Not Applicable
"He may be old
 but he's worth millions!"

What happened after she
embraced the gentleman's
flaws and net worth?
a) "So... I slept with him."
b) "He took me to Bergdorfs."
c) "The pig made me pay!"
d) None of the above.

"I was as surprised 
 as you wuz. Could 
 you believe it?!"

Fact is often stranger than fiction.
Once again, was the lady not the lady
everybody thought she was. WHY?
a) "She wuz a he!"
b) "He slept with my Mother!"
c) "Isn't that my hat she's wearing?"
d) Go back to question one.
"Really? I never would 
 have thought that."

What amazing revelation
was just shared?
a) "It's 100% Naugahyde."
b) "Something's stuck up there."
c) "I quit biting my nails."
d) All of the above.