Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lost in the translation?!

"You look so much better."
 Translation: "You looked bad."

Sometimes I'm a little dense and it takes
me awhile to finally figure something out.
Yesterday I ran into a former co-worker
who I haven't seen for months. During
our encounter he couldn't stop telling me
how great I looked. Hmmm.... that must
mean that I looked beyond awful the last
time he saw me!

"You've lost weight."
 Translation: "You were fat".

Yes, I had gained more than a bit of weight and nobody knew it more than me. While I blame it on cortisol, it probably was the bottle of red wine and package of doughnuts I consumed daily. Whatever the cause, I was bloated like a gigantic balloon. Thankfully I never hit anything sharp and exploded!

"Your color is back!"
 Translation: "You looked sick."

I must have been a really odd shade of grey.
At least that's the conclusion I've reached
given everybody comments on how much
better my color is now! It's obvious that
I was slowly killing myself. However, now
that I'm back to my OLD self, I'm ready to
consider a face lift, filler, or suffocation.
Anything to stop the clock!

"You're so happy!"
Translation: "You were sad."

Now that I've had several months to recuperate, it's safe to say that I was beyond miserable. While we all need to make a living, we need to live. And if you're not happy chances are they're not happy. So, don't allow your job to kill you. Because if it does, they'll just fill your position and torture somebody new.