Friday, April 19, 2013


Rainbow brite.
Anybody who knows me knows
that I am not afraid of color.
For years I've dared to wear it.
Now that warmer weather has
finally arrived, the city streets
are a sea of colorful tones.
Fashion has fully entered into
a colorful phase. To me what is
most shocking is that even most
jaded Manhattanite has embraced
all of the rainbow hues . While
certainly cheerful, I must admit
that I'm finding it a bit much.

Too too fruity?
This morning I walked by the Joe Fresh store on Fifth and 43rd. Standing in the window were rows upon rows of male mannequins dressed in head-to-toe pastels with white belts.  Further up Gucci and Ferragamo are showing guys in vibrant orange ensembles. While I've known my share of "fruits", I don't know any man willing to step out of the house dressed like that. In this new world of metrosexuality, men must still be men!

Sour grapes.
I'm the first guy to want a brighter world. However with disposable fashion everywhere, somebody has to show some restraint. It's your responsibility to translate the runway to the real way. And in my opinion, donning anything head to toe
is probably inappropriate.

Weed your garden.
So please, look in the mirror before you walk out of the door this morning. Challenge whether that citron and mango ensemble you grabbed at J Crew really is "you". Better to inject a pop of color balanced with a neutral base. Trust me, the only people wearing the rainbow should probably be old Queens.