Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Join the club?

"Please accept 
 my resignation. 
 I don't care to 
 belong to any club 
 that accepts me as 
 a member." Groucho Marx

Core Club
One of our new home benefits
is membership in the private
Core Club. Considered "hip",
it is not a club of old men.
While pedigree is required for
membership, one is free to
bring along their cell phone,
jeans, and diversity.
Last night we dined at the Club for the
first time. While supposedly tres mod,
the atmosphere was club stuffy at best.
Apparently empty means exclusive given
the dining room was almost vacant. Our
primary entertainment was watching the
members schmooze. That said, it was
quite a lovely dinner. Our meal was
delicious and the cocktails even more
so. Given the Core Club is quiet,
elegant, and most important next door,
I'm sure we'll use our membership often.

Friars Club
Across the street from our apartment
sits the venerable Friars Club. Founded
in 1904, this private thespian enclave
is most famous for it's Celebrity Roasts.
All day long a doorman stands at guard
to insure no riff raff enters. Hmmm...
aren't actors thesbians and therefore
riff raff? Given we're not members, the
only opportunity we may have to meet
any celebrity "friars" will have to be on
the sidewalk outside of our Duane Reed.

University Club
Every day I walk past this old school bastion. Years ago I often stayed there as the guest of my best friend's husband. They hosted their wedding reception there. But only after we first rushed to City Hall for last minute "I do's". You see the groom had somehow forgotten to retain a cleric. He also had to borrow my wedding band. Then post vows
he rushed off to a business meeting.
An omen of things to come.

Elks Club
Private pomposity makes me
yearn for Lewistown. Our Elks
Club sits above town with 360
mountain views. All are more
than welcome to play a round
or grab a cocktail at the bar.
Now that's the kind of club
I might actually like to join.