Wednesday, April 17, 2013


"Why do you do that?"
That's what my friend "M", an
esteemed leader in his field
asked me at dinner. The topic
was yesterday's blog entry. His
concern was sharing something
so personal to a broad audience.

Entre nous...
I don't know how to explain it. When I write this blog, I feel as if I'm sitting across the table talking to each of you. As friends, we can talk about anything. And while it's truly a one sided conversation, I feel connected with all of you.
Tete a Tete
I'm blessed to have a large circle of friends who daily interact with me in the most intimate of ways - as you drink your morning coffee, pause from work at your desk, or sip your evening glass of vino. I've found that the most powerful way to inspire is to simply "let you in".
It's all about me
Well not actually, it's all about life.
Nobody's perfect and I'm absolutely
the best example of that. While
blessed in many ways, I'm often
challenged in even more. What
benefit is there to going through
all of that joy and pain and NOT
sharing what you've learned with
others?! Therefore I consider this
blog is a vehicle of entertainment,
engagment, and enlightenment.
Shut up and write!
Enough about me, let's talk about you. The fact is that everyone I encounter feeds the content of my journey. Seeing, watching, learning, and listening makes us all better. So, while I apologize for yesterday's "downer", I hope in some way it helped someone. All I know is that writing it helped me.