Monday, April 1, 2013

The pause that refreshes...

Lent is finally over.
As you all know, your saintly
blogger gave up booze for a
higher purpose. Honestly at
times it was the longest forty
days of my life! Ultimately,
I have to confess that this
brief beak from alcohol was
truly a blessing.

Hosanna to the highest!
On Easter Sunday we had brunch at The Modern. Filled with anticipation I ordered my first cocktail. While I must admit that I enjoyed it immensely, I now know that I don't really need it. And that's a good thing.

Less is more?
Well... I thought I didn't need it.
However as we sat in the glorious
spartan splendor of the infamous
Museum of Modern Art, I ordered
not one, not two, but THREE Bourbon
Manhattans on the rocks. I really can't
explain my decadence. Suddenly,
something absolutely took over me.
And I felt the deep, passionate need
to catch up. Whatever the motivation,
I can't tell you how good that first
cocktail tasted, and the second. Nor
how fabulous I felt by the time
I had completed my THIRD!
God that felt good!
In the end, my Lenten exercise was beyond a learning experience. The process of elimination enabled me to appreciate a cocktail all the more. Plus the added benefit of abstaining from the demon rum was losing TEN POUNDS. Therefore in the end pleasing God not only benefitted my soul, it impacted my waistline. Seems like there is no better win/win situation. Hey, maybe next year I'll think about giving up china - NOT!