Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Hello suckers
It's really rather amazing how gullible some
of us are. Yesterday I read in the Washington
Post that the Trump campaign had "raised"
$670,000 via the sale of plastic straws. Then
I googled them at
A "store" that sells a plethora of Trumpery.
The description read - "Liberal paper straws
don't work. Stand with President Trump and
buy your pack of recyclable plastic straws."
As shown and described, the nine inch long
red suckers are laser engraved, BPA free, and
made in the USA. A pack of ten is yours for
only FIFTEEN DOLLARS or $1.50 each.
Straw poll
Obviously playing to one's audience pays off.
However stoking the ire of some Americans
isn't necessarily the most productive of growth
experiences. Nor is ignoring our impact on the
world at large. Is it really too much to ask that
each of us do something positive? Why can't
we make America great again by substituting
biodegradable paper for indestructible plastic?!
Apparently investing in our children's future is
too hard to swallow for Donald Trump and his
followers. Instead they prefer to suck the life
out of our environment. Making a bit of cash
on the side as they add to the mess we've made.
This land is your land
Have Americans become so delusional that
we deem swopping plastic for paper to be a
leftist plot?! Like it or not we've taught our
offspring the importance of recycling. Thus
most Americans care about the environment
and try to do their part. Which causes me to
wonder how large a polluting portion of our
population is willing to shell out $15 to suck
up to Mr. Trump's conspiracy plots. Unless
you've never visited your town dump most
of us know we've got a big problem. Which
is why each and every one of us need to do
whatever we can to avoid the inevitable.
Paper or plastic?
Crazy headlines, tweets, and rhetoric aside,
Donald Trump and his administration have
hobbled tried and true efforts to make our
world a better place. Slashing EPA rules and
regulations designed to minimize our global
influence. Instead he empowers industries to
do and spew whatever they like. Who dreams
of their great grandchildren surviving global
warming will living atop a landfill of plastic?
Assuming that sans pain there is no gain, I'm
fairly certain that most of us are willing to do
something to avert environmental disaster.
Even if it means sucking on a soggy straw.