Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Down and dirty
There are times when you simply have to get
down on your hands and knees. Not to bow
down. Nor as a gesture of respect. But rather
to be able to clean things properly. Monday
I scrubbed the front hall and staircase to my
hearts delight. Finding flotsam and jetsam
that I never knew existed. Getting down and
dirty is often the only way to see things as
they truly are. However the wiser we get, the
harder it is to kneel let alone scrub. Ultimately
it was well worth the effort. Even if I've no
desire to repeat said process for a least a year.
Now... can anybody help me get up?
Trial and error
Things are rarely as they appear to be on the
surface. Hence one must take a deep dive to
discern fact from fiction. First impressions
may be invaluable. Yet it's best to take look
and learn prior to jumping to a conclusion.
Thus before buying a car, one looks under
the hood. Prior to purchasing a home, we
hire experts to insure things are what they
appear to be. And while some may hesitate
to confess, most sleep with someone before
marrying them. So why many of us make
snap decisions in the voting booth? Rather
than do our homework prior to elections?
Trash talk
Almost anything of value requires time and
effort. Yet most Americans want others to do
our hard work. Especially when it comes to
the government and elected leadership. We
stand back and hope for the best rather than
engage in the process. Or worse, opt to stay
at home versus making a choice. Isn't it time
that we collectively rolled up our sleeves and
made a difference? One doesn't have to hit
the decks in order to get rid of unwanted filth
or trash. Instead we must rise to the occasion.
Stand up for what is right. And make sure we
sweep Trump out of the White House.
Clean sweep
Shit happens. Forcing all of us to do something
about it. Like most hoarders, things have gotten
out of control. Hence for those who voted for
Donald Trump - it's time to find a way out of
the mess you've made. And for whomever opted
out of the last election, it's time to do your fair
share. Much like the inner rim of a toilet bowl,
all sorts of bad stuff can fester out of sight. So
rather than be in a swirl, we must scrub out the
political black mold that endangers America.
We can't allow America to go down the toilet.
Now is the time to flush out whatever ails us.
Cump Trump and make America great again!