Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Put a lid on it
One of my dearest buddies "K" has a
favorite expression - "HELLO POT!"
Obviously a derivative of the adage
that challenges us to see our world as
it truly is - it's if nothing else a bitch
slap back to reality. You see, even the
most humble of souls can at times be
delusional. Hence the need for a pal
who is willing to set things straight.
To tell it like it is and feel free to take
the occasional pot shot. While some
assume the truth will set you free, it
can also push you to a boiling point.
Stir crazy
Do you ever purposefully stir the pot?
Welcome or not, there are times when
we must face facts a la the Madwoman
of Chaillot. We're all taken off guard
when forced to dive deep into territory
previously unknown. It's natural to be
afraid of things beyond belief. And yet
when confronted by the unbelievable
most of us benefit from what we have
no idea of. Seeing and believing things
that we never knew existed. Which is
why I love Lewistown. Even after years
of living here, I'm still often surprised.
Pot shots
Consider me. I'm proof you can't
judge a snook by his cover. Few
know I'm a homebody who limits
my exposure versus a snob who
prefers his own company. Some
assume I'm above it all. When
I'm just well grounded. A result
of my past imperfect I live in the
way I have become accustomed
to. Preferring to dish out my pot
pie on a china plate. Rather than
hand my guests a paper one only
to stand in some pot luck line.
Man over board
Given my liberal consumption of wine,
cream, and butter - there are a plethora
of  reasons why I've gone to pot. With
a now firmly established bump sitting
before me, I've become the kind of guy
I historically loathed. Just another fat,
opinionated, over the top queen in a
loud sport coat. But am I really all that
bad? While obviously over indulgent,
could I be even more than meets your
eye? Rather than some leftist louse -
I might be your Mr. Right. You don't
know what you don't know dear POT.

Pot luck
At this point you're thinking I'm
smoking pot as I write this blog.
While self-medicated, I'm simply
high on life. Long ago I learned
that smoke and mirrors only defer
us facing reality. Such illusions
attempt to hide the truth. Before
we take pot shots shouldn't we
see each other for who we are?
As part of this melting pot that
we call America - we have much
in common. Embracing who we
are in all our glory. "Hello pot!"