Friday, August 16, 2019


Well shut my mouth
Believe it or not, there are times this
writer is literally speechless. Today
I struggled with finding fodder for
some diatribe. That could be due to
the fact that I've nothing to say that
even interests me. Or I may simply
be numb to the spew Donald Trump
throws our way. Then of course one
might assume that sharing whatever
is on one's mind  every 24/7 can tire
even the most verbose of vivants.
While I'm not sure why I've hit this
literal verbal wall words can't tell...

Less is more
What do you do when you feel that
you've no cause to speak your piece?
I've no doubt that isn't my problem.
Instead I'm rather tired of late. And
even more so, over it all. While I try
to be a glass have full kind of guy,
at times even I occasionally reach
the end of my rope. Fortunately I've
your cyber shoulders to cry on. But
at times that means that you must
patiently hear me out. Which brings
us to the subject of today's missive -

Over and out
In theory I've plenty to shout about.
Beyond politics and the recent stock
market dive, I'm happy. I share life
with one who completes me. I have
friends ready and waiting to wave
their pom poms. Fortunately two of
my children speak to me on a regular
basis. Thus all is good. So what is
is my problem? NOTHING. Which
is exactly what I have t contribute.
Therefore it's best that I keep my big
mouth shut. And so for today that's
exactly what I'm doing. ENJOY!