Wednesday, August 22, 2018


The other white meat
I've oft stated "Men are pigs but oh
how I love pork!" One may adore
the male species yet abhor those
most specious. Most men of power
freely act like spoiled brats. They
get their way by doing whatever is
necessary to insure their "success".
Collusion, payoffs, deception, and
deceit aside - the root of their evil
is usually the man himself. Hence
the reason that we the people are
now mired in a political pigsty of
one compromised man's making.
Public indecency
While oft been ashamed of my sex -
I'm disgusted by President Trump's
boorish behavior. Yet as he reaches
the edge of extinction he may be the
least of our problems. Rather it's his
fellow Republicans who seem to be
willing to wallow in the morass of
Mr. Trump's transgressions. Hence
it's obvious they've no decency and
will drag America down with them.
Has their inaction lead to the end of
our republic? Or be the start of the
rebirth of heartfelt patriotism?
Caught in the middle
The weakest men often feel the
need to over compensate for their
obvious limitations. Could said
drive to aggressively flaunt their
competitive edge actually be an
desperate display of weakness?
Why would any leader support
ripping innocent children from
their mother's arms? Or to openly
lie against all odds? How about
illegally consorting with known
enemies to guarantee their unfair
advantage? And then cry wolf!?
Dog eat dog...
It's oft said that if you lie with dogs
you'll get fleas. However lying isn't
the only way to be top dog. Honesty
is always the best policy. As the days
pass it's more than apparent that our
Republican Representatives are not
only Mr. Trump's lap dogs - they're
his bag men. Oddly willing to clean
up his mess rather than reign him in.
And obviously they're barking up the
wrong tree. Which makes me wonder.
Where would we be today had we put
that "bitch" in office! Doggone it...