Monday, August 27, 2018

All is NOT forgiven...

Guilty as charged
Recently I was chastised by someone near and
dear for being "too hard." Said challenge was
to do with my unwillingness to embrace some
who fervently supported the election of Donald
J. Trump as President of these United States of
America. However like it or not, I continue to
be unwilling to forgive and/or forget that they
are the reason for that rogue in our oval office.
Many would have us to believe that such anger
is the result of my being a sore loser. And yet
nothing could be farther from the truth. Instead
I stand by the fact that Mr. Trump is not worthy
of his role. And may actually have stolen it...
Beyond definition
Most important - my disdain for the man in
question and his supporters has little to do
with politics and ALL to do with character.
For the record, this "liberal" voted twice for
Ronald Reagan. As the child of Republicans
I initially followed in their footsteps. Next
I voted for Ross Perot. In part because of the
mess our political system was in. Thinking
(at the time) that a businessman, outsider,
and straight shooter might make a difference.
I never liked Bill Clinton but adored Al Gore.
And supported John Kerry. Thus throughout
my life I've voted for the man himself.
How great thou art
In the case of Barack Obama - I had the privilege
of meeting him when he was a fledgling Senator.
Immediately I knew he had the stuff of greatness.
Not only charismatic, he was humble, wise, and
trustworthy. Something I can also say having met
George H. W. Bush. Face to face I was dazzled
by the same attributes. Both are to me GREAT
Americans who simply differ on policy. Initially
I couldn't stand Hillary Clinton - truly resenting
her "interference" in political affairs as first lady.
However later on I learned more about who she
truly was. Coming to the conclusion that when
given the choice - Hillary was the only choice.
Gone but not forgotten
While some consider my stance to be "hard" -
in truth I'm rather a softie. Hence I cried when
Ronald Reagan talked of that "city on a hill."
And again shed tears when his successor
spoke of a "thousand points of light." Party
alliances aside, agendas ignored, America's
greatest frequently broke through my political
barriers by offering us a vision of something
greater. And then of course I literally sobbed
as I watched Barbara Bush's funeral. Probably
because I realized we were nearing an era of
greatness. As again proven by the news late
Saturday night of John McCain's departure.
Impales by comparison
To be clear, there is no excuse for calling an
American hero, veteran, and servant of the
people a "loser." Especially by one who got
where they are via questionable ways and
means. Or worse, dodged the draft while
Mr. McCain lay beaten and wounded in a
Vietnamese prisoner of war camp for five
and a half years. Who gives anybody the
right to slur one who gave their all and yet
spent the balance of their life serving others?
The answer is you and your kind. The ones
who support a man who has no right to stand
beside let alone lick John McCain's shoes.
Dreams of greatness
Therefore if any are still wondering why I'm
unable to absolve those responsible for Mr.
Trump as president, let me make it clear. I
have always believed that the President by
his (or hopefully someday her's) very nature
are better than the rest of us. By no means
super human but individuals with the heart,
character, and maturity to take us to a better
place - against all odds. One who can rise
above any situation and inspire us all. And
thus I equally believe and fervently know
that Donald J. Trump pales by comparison
and sadly is nothing but a SCOUNDREL.
Pride and prejudice
As I've said many times before, our choice
in 2016 was not one candidate or another.
Nor blue or red, conservative or liberal,
Democrat or Republican. Rather it was a
choice between good versus evil. Hillary
Clinton wasn't perfect. However she had
a history of doing her best for others over
a lifetime of service to this country. While
Mr. Trump had a proven record of greed,
self aggrandizement, deception, and quite
questionable motives. Given the choice,
there was no choice. And yet some chose
a greedy power hungry racist egomaniac.
Upon reflection
For those tired of investigations, finger pointing,
and dirty politics, look in a mirror. Staring back
at you is the root of all evil. You had the choice.
And purposefully opted to go to the dark side.
Your choice will go down in the history books
as one of the worst political errors in judgement.
Fortunately for us - leaders like John McCain
spanned party lines to stand up against Trump's
megalomaniacal tyranny. Now that he's gone,
who will defend America? My hope is that you
will see the light and do just that. Yet somehow
I doubt it. And you wonder why I'm still bitter?
If that makes me "hard" or "tough"... so be it.