Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Too much of a bad thing
How often do you grocery shop?
The very idea of a weekly food
spree baffles me. First of all I'm
not that organized. Planning this
evening's dinner is challenging
enough let alone seven nights
in a row! However based on the
mounds that other shoppers heap
in their carts many purchase a
month of supplies at a time. And
looking at what they're buying,
it's doubtful they'll live past that
span given we are what we eat!
Out of the box thinking
I hate to be a food snob but why do
so many eat CRAP? Walking up
and down our local grocer's aisles -
the majority of food is JUNK.
Overly processed pseudo nutrition
that can't possibly be good for you.
Given the conversations that one
overhears - most food decisions
are made based on price and not
health. Otherwise why would one
fill their cart with twenty boxes of
Hamburger Helper!? Consider that
twenty meals closer to your funeral.
Limited time savings
It's really not that hard to eat healthy.
Nor is it that expensive. Even if that
wasn't the case, why would you stuff
yourself with foodstuffs that might
kill you? We truly are what we eat.
So unless you're a cardboard replica
of a human I suggest you start taking
care of yourself. Otherwise I'm sure
your food budget will ultimately go
down to next to nothing. However
that will be due to your DEATH.
And I doubt double coupon savings
are worth shortening your lifespan.
Let's get real
Does it really take that much time to mix
up a cake from scratch versus mixing the
morass one finds in a box? Obviously it's
even easier to buy a cake at the grocer's
bakery. But have you any idea of what's
actually in said sweet? If not, please do
yourself a favor and peruse the poison
you're ingesting. If you can't recognize
the ingredient, chances are it isn't good
for you. Notice that what may read as
"real" ingredients may not necessarily
be authentic. Exactly what is artificial
vanilla how could it be good for you?
Toxic shock
Few benefit from America's craving
for fast and cheap edibles but those
who sell them. Artificial is FAKE.
And rarely does a substitute taste
good as the real thing. Equally as
important, artificial is rarely good
faux you! Ever wonder why we all
suffer from food allergies! Read it
and weep! The evidence is all there
in black and white proving that the
only thing real is our food crisis. If
that labels me an edibles extremist
then so be it. CHEW ON THAT!
Off the menu
One has to assume that all of the above
applies in even greater magnitude when
it comes to dining out. There's a reason
they can serve you a heaping meal for
next to nothing. That's because the price
is equal to the nutritional benefit. You
see, there's no free meal ticket except
maybe at your Mother's house. Thus
in order to remain healthy one should
invest in what you ingest. Therefore
the next time you grab something fast
to eat, make sure it isn't fodder for your
last supper. Keep it simple and FRESH!