Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Primrose path
It's time to think positively. Or at least I'm
going to do my damndest to rise above our
current political purgatory. Waiting for the
shoe to drop or karma to deliver is a fool's
folly. Neither happen when we'd like them
to. Yet inevitably both deliver. Hence rather
than sweat it out  I'm trying to be optimistic.
An attitude adjustment that's beneficial to all.
You see, when others go down we must go
up up and away. No wonder any place but
here seems to many quite alluring. Could a
summer vacation versus reaping vengeance
be better for all of us? Is it time to cut loose?
Road less traveled
Given summer is almost over many of you are
probably already on vacation. Here in central
Montana the weather couldn't be lovelier but
it was thirty eight this morning when I awoke.
Fortunately for all of us the skies have cleared
and the smoke has dissipated. All a more than
magical reminder of why some of us choose to
live in this most beautiful of places. It doesn't
get better. Or... could it?! In theory there is no
limit to the positive side of life. That is except
the restraints we place upon ourselves. Living
under a self imposed cloud only guarantees a
gloomy outlook. Are you ready to see the light?
Necessary evil
Most of my personal late summer malaise is
due to an aggravated allergic reaction. While
this time of year is lovely, I can't be outside.
Hence due to hay fever my necessary evil is
allergy medication. Resulting in a dramatic
shift in personality. While minuscule in scope
my daily dose packs a wallop and unleashes
my monster within. One who is testy, irritable,
and downright mean. No wonder Frank spends
most of his day out in the yard. As far from the
housebound and medically induced ogre who
disappears with the first frost ending of allergy
season. Honestly, it can't come soon enough!
Lighten up
Given the circumstances I push myself to look
on the bright side. Which means avoiding CNN,
FOX, and other assorted side shows. Instead
I'm trying to focus on all that is good. A tactic
which I heartily recommend you also consider.
Theres really no reason for not seeing things in
a better light. All that's required is a willingness
to limit one's visibility to the good versus bad
aspects of life. Even heavily medicated I can
still embrace all that life has to offer. And the
blessings that come with it. So why not try to
accentuate the positive and eliminate all that's
negative? Onward and upward my friends!