Saturday, December 8, 2012

Where do we go from here?

Madonna as Evita - Courtesy of

Get ready for a shocker.
I love the song "You Must Love Me" from Evita (show tune... duh).
Even more surprising -The melody, lyrics, and Madonna's rendition
somehow resonate deep within me. Listen to it here...

Yeah, Yeah, I hear you.  All of you are now asking yourselves...
"What does Madonna have to do with Montana"?!

Initially my life was spent doing what was expected and therefore "right".
My choices were driven by the acceptance and approval of OTHERS.
The biggest lesson I've embraced thus far is that I must do what is right for ME.
Living only for others DID NOT WORK - in fact it hurt them more than me.

So... the question is can Greg be Greg and live in Lewistown, Montana?
Many of you are skeptics (including at times the man I live with).
The good news is that so far I think it's working!

The Duchess of Windsor
HATED being "stuck"
in the Bahamas during WWII.
Who cared if the world
was LIVID simply because
she had stolen the heart
and throne of King Edward VII?
So what if many (including
the new King) thought
she was Hitler's friend (spy)?!
Her issue was that all of her
silver, china, linens, were hidden
in storage somewhere in France.

Hmmm... maybe I sort of get it?

You see it's easy to get your priorities screwed up.
If you don't leverage a time of seismic change into empowering transformation
- you can get pretty bitter.

Portrait by Bernard Boutet de Monvel  -
Millicent Rogers had it all.
Filthy rich AND beautiful.
Yet she wasn't happy.
In the mid 1940's she came
upon a small adobe in the
New Mexican desert.
In Taos she found her groove.
Ultimately becoming
a champion for
Native American art,
history, and human rights.

I totally relate to Millicent.
And not at all to Wallis.
See? That's good!

I believe that we each control our destiny.
We all make choices -
and nothing will change your life more than an ill conceived one.
More important -
nothing will make you happier than making the decision that is best for you!

Montana helps me focus.
Every morning I look out at the Judith and Moccasin Mountains
and those views clear my head.

Judith Mountains - Courtesy

The older I get the more I respect the power of my "gut".
That deep, inner voice that never steers me wrong.
"Listen to your heart".
I say this to my kids all the time but I'm not sure they believe it yet.

Moccasin Mountains - Courtesy

Sounds easy - but it's hard to stop and listen to what your soul is saying.
You have to give yourself the time and space to allow that to happen.
Everybody has to find their personal version of Montana -
to discover the place where it's easiest to do just that.
My advice is run... don't wait.