Saturday, December 15, 2012

Anyone can whistle

Except me.
No matter how hard I try it is a daunting skill I cannot master. Genetic?
Today's blog is NOT about Lewistown.  Rather it's all about me.
As I ease into my new daily rhythm, I'm realizing that I am a piece of work!

"what's hard is simple - 
what's natural comes hard".

Hear Lee Remick sing Sondheim

I'm trying to be less anal.
I'm trying to relax.
I'm trying to let go of all the fuss.
How do I redefine laid back for me?
How simple do I really want to it to be?
How relaxed is relaxed vs. comatose?

Lewistown is teaching me to put
everything in perspective. Leading
to the realization that the majority
of what I focused on everyday -


The harsh fact is that the world
was not going to change for the
better just because we ran a
successful sale over the weekend.
Nor was the new color for Spring
ever going to cure cancer.
what does this really mean?
Specifically how will 
this philosophical journey 
impact my future? 
Frankly I have no idea.

And fortunately I may not have to worry too much longer.

On the 21st the Mayan calendar ends and supposedly so does our world. That would make this so much easier wouldn't it?
My dear friend "G" knows about all about this cosmic stuff. Her advice?
"Don't freak out".  

Thom Browne - Spring 2012 Collection
To be clear.
It's time to put everything in context.
And let me reassure
all of my dear and concerned friends.
I am in no rush 
to figure this out.  

Rather -
for the first time in my life
I'm going to let it happen naturally
and in it's own time.

And to make things clear -
I have NO intention of becoming a missionary or abuse counselor.

I simply want to do something that means something.

Am I jaded or does the above statement seem either incredibly naive?
Honestly I have no idea how I will achieve the new "zen". 

Maybe I'll visit my grand daughter.
Maybe I'll redecorate.
Maybe I'll call Doris on a more regular basis.
Or... maybe I'll accept a fabulous new job.

Guess we'll all just have to wait and see what happens.

Nick Conley