Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Are you as tired as I am?

Macy's, Herald Square - 1948 - Post Christmas Cleanup
Presents opened.
Phone calls made.
Cemetery visited.
Goose cooked (and eaten).
China and crystal put away.
Empty bottles in recycle.
Fridge filled with left overs.
Crumpled wrap in dumpster.
Bits of glitter everywhere.
Thank you notes written.
House guests gone.

So what's next?
Absolutely nothing.

Courtesy B. T. Walker Photography
Maybe we'll go catch a flick at the Judith.
The Hobbit
and Parental Guidance are playing.

We can always hit the
After Christmas Sales downtown.
Don's has a deal on
all Ice Fishing Equipment.
True Value always marks down all toys.
And Diane will be clearing out
The Connection in preparation
for new spring fashion deliveries.

Courtesy of John Valach & Son
Courtesy of John Valach & Son
Or we can ski up to the cabin.
It's always glorious up there in the snow.
Perfectly quiet. Peaceful.
But... given quite a few Mountain Lion tracks
have been seen up there -
I think I'll stay home until we can drive right up to the door.

Instead we'll just stay home and enjoy each other.
Or... maybe we'll buy a house.
You never know what might happen in Lewistown!
Bill Stockton - Village - 1993 - Courtesy Yellowstone Art Museum