Saturday, December 8, 2012

7th Day Surprise

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Let's be honest - I adore writing this blog.
But no matter how much fun I'm having there has to be a day of rest.

So... every Sunday I'm going to keep it simple.
Rather than pontificate I will offer up a single image.
Plus a brief rationale for it's selection.
Short and sweet - like my Aunt Dot.

So... in honor of Hanukkah... here's my first.True confession -
All of my childhood I wanted to be a Jew.

Growing up my Jewish friends were different in a very cool way.

They got Hanukkah presents eight nights in a row.
They got to use matches when they lit their Hanukkah candles.
Their food was delicious (especially schmaltz).
Their houses were ultra modern and hip.
Their Grandmothers knew what Yiddish words actually meant.
They had huge parties on their 12th (girl's) or 13th (boy's) birthdays.

Just when I think the world has changed -
I am jolted back to reality by people like the members of the
Cross of Christ Deliverance Temple.

Therefore today's 7th Day Surprise is a simple correction to their spelling error.
HANUKKAH: Easier to spell than IGNORANT.