Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'll call you in the morning.

For over 30 years
Mother called Aunt Blanche
every morning at 7:45 a.m.
after their "hubbies" had left
for the office.

I wonder 
what they talked about...

Uncle Henry was a bit of a rogue and was known to like his beverages. I'm fairly certain that many a call was spent whispering about his activities the night prior.

Maybe Volvos? Blanche was a
fan long before any yuppie. To
prove their "sturdiness" she'd
slam a door and state "They
don't make them like that in the
U.S."! Naturally chic, she was
an auburn Audrey Hepburn. We
all wanted to look just like her!

Speaking of Audrey...
that takes me forward many years to another series of morning calls.

My friend "G" is the walking epitome of all things Audrey.
An elegant gamine who looks 20 years younger than she really is.
Years ago we worked together a small agency for a guy who was CRAZY.
One day he suggested that if I didn't like the way things were I should leave.

So... I got up and left.
I still get a sense supreme satisfaction thinking of his shocked reaction.
About a week later he suggested something similar to "G" (who ran the place).

So... she got up and left.
But not before she told him he was "f'ing nuts"!

Over the the next months "G" and I talked on the phone
every morning after our "hubbies" left to work!

Imagine two hard-boiled, agency drone workaholics
being suddenly transformed into DOMESTIC DEVOTEES!
Via the wire we planned menus, clipped coupons, and swopped recipes!
We also played therapist and helped each other through this transition.
However, it wasn't always pretty.

WARNING: The following may
not be suitable for young children.

One morning "G" shared the most amazing revelation. For the first time in many years she was having regular bowel movements. To her this was symbolic of how work had ruled her life in all ways. That morning she declared...

"I will never again 
give up my shit for anybody"!

Speaking of toilets -
I recently left my leadership role in a major corporation.  Like many others caught up in the frenzy of "transformation" it was time to move on.

My friend "A" left the company about two weeks prior to my departure.
Since then "A"  has been my phone, text, and e-mail buddy.
Once again, two workaholics are helping each other 
to discover how to live like normal human beings.

Well... maybe not totally normal. You see we both adore everything to do with our homes - especially CHINA!  So we are constantly sending each other pictures of our latest tables - or latest pattern. Right now we are both consumed with turquoise. To the left is "A's" most recent conquest - Wedgwood Florentine! Our shared mantra is never enough dishes - NEVER!

Friendship is the most amazing gift. And I am fortunate to have a little black book (actually a caramel toned Smythson) full of dear and trusted friends. One thing I am certain of - that I can call any of you, at any time, and you will be there for me.  Over the years your collective laughter, advice, tears, and insights have helped me weather all of life's joys and sorrows.
Dionne (pre Celebrity Apprentice) said it best...

"That's what friends are for"

The last thing my dear friends need are cyber stalkers.  Therefore I've decided to not detail names of the living. Of course if any of you actually do want to be stalked... write your own blog!