Monday, December 10, 2012

Step away from the map please!

Fourth Of July Pass, Idaho - Courtesy of

Home sweet home
Winter, Frank, and I have finally arrived back in Lewistown.
What started as an "adventure" ended as more than a "challenge".
Going west we enjoyed blue skied vistas plus one wet eve already recounted.Returning home eastward took us THREE DAYS.
During which we experienced snow, ice, drifts, blizzard conditions,
blue skies, breath taking panoramas, snow glare, and combinations thereof.
Oh... and... vehicles and semi's abandoned on the side of the road.

Sacagawea guides Lewis & Clark - NC Wyeth 1940 - Garland Collection
Which bodes the question -
Should an ex-urbanite ever be
allowed plan a winter road trip?
The answer my friends
became clear on the ride home -
with expert advice!

Anybody who actually
knew anything about
Montana winter road
conditions would have
told us we were nuts -
if we had asked.

Frank's 94 year old Father patiently tried to set us straight.
Since the 1920s he's been driving up/down/across/through these mountains.
But being head strong "kids" we did not listen.
And in hindsight even with all of real risks and related foolishness...

MacDonald Pass, Montana - courtesy of
That's because
no matter the weather
or road conditions -
the scenery was

While I certainly
do not recommend
crossing the
Continental Divide
in the middle of a
snow storm -
I could see was

If only glimpsed
briefly post a spritz
of windshield fluid -
the power of the
Montana winter
dazzled even this
the most jaded soul -

Fourth Of July Pass Idaho by picson2wheels - Courtesy
I used to think one
could only see
glittery, flocked
branches like these
on Sak's main floor
(or in a more
tasteful rendition at
Bergdorf Goodman).

Who knew that stuff
like this was actually
100% real?

NJ Turnpike - Courtesy
In order to experience
new and magical things
we all need to get out!
So go ahead -
pull the car out of the garage -
rev the engine -
turn in a different direction and
see something new!

Again, I don't recommend
taking any major risks.

But honestly the trip we
just took was no less scary than
a winter rush hour drive down
the New Jersey Turnpike!

Be it mountains, the meadowlands, or Moonachie (look it up)...
push your boundaries - get slightly uncomfortable - explore!