Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fasten your seat belts...

OK. Get ready for a novice at best.
This blog will be a chronicle of transition.

I am a man of contrasts.
Good taste and the knowledge that fuels it has always been my forte.
In my youth I was a snob.
But life and all of it's lessons have taught me what is really important.

So?  What is this blog really about?
Frankly we'll see.
After over 30 years in retail - I'm more than "done".
I've led many teams through multiple transitions post sale.
And have shifted and reshifted with the best of innovative strategies.
All that means I am BURNT OUT!

So? What does that really mean?
The fact is that I'm evolving into someone new.
And that's where Montana comes in.

18 years ago when I met my partner Frank -
I thought nothing was more important than accoutrements.
Things defined who I was.

After 18 years I still adore the good life.
Our home continues to be my theater.
But... the venue has changed.

After living in New York, Chicago, Dallas -
I am now living in Lewistown, Montana.

That means the nearest Walmart is at least 100 miles away.

Six years ago we bought a condo in the former St Joseph's Hospital.
It's a beautiful stone building.
Founded at the turn of the century by French nuns.
Built of local stone by Croatian stone masons.

Somehow this old snob has mellowed.
I see charm and beauty in everything around me.
How could you not adore this building and the stories it tells?

We've been in our condo for six years and have filled it with things we love.
That means it is NOT your traditional Montana abode.

No rough logs.
No river rock fireplaces.
No homage to bears or cowboys.

Simply an expression of who we are and where we've been.

That's what this blog is going to be about.
The dichotomy of the city and country mouse.
The simple life lessons learned by a burnt out dilettante>

Who knows how long I'll keep it up.
I doubt anybody will read it.
But somehow... I just need to do it.

Hope you enjoy the ride.