Thursday, November 29, 2012



Frank and I are learning that we may be out of sync 
with what is considered de rigueur in Central Montana.

As our Dallas apartment (below) indicates we love a touch of drama.
So far we have not found anything in Lewistown we feel is "right".

As we consider
potential homes 
it has become obvious 
that whatever 
appeals to us 
may be considered 
And that 
most accoutrements 
locals consider 
are in our opinion 
candidates for 

For example - 
Upon encountering custom quilted fabric panels 
affixed to window frames with Velcro our collective reaction was to 
rip them down immediately!
However we have been advised that "window quilts" 
are considered a benefit against the elements.

Another case in point - 
Not only do we find indoor/outdoor carpeting abhorrent - 
curving it up the wall to serve as a self baseboard 
seems to us incredibly repugnant.
Again, we were informed by local experts that 
"A lot of folks really like that treatment - it's easy to keep clean".

Provence fantasy - sadly this is not a Montanan reality
Finally - 
After walking through 
an old home - 
that was slowly built -
over time by Italian immigrants -
into a sandstone hillside - 
our immediate reaction was... 
"it is so unique".
the local experts 
who are guiding 
our investment 
reinforced -
"That's why it's been 
on the market so long".

The good news is that I consider this dichotomy of perspectives
an opportunity to grab a Montanan treasure 
nobody else wants. 
We all share is a love for vast and open spaces.
Our challenge is to find that space indoors.