Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where do we put the dishes?

Butler's Pantry - Weatherstone - Sharon, Connecticut

As I work through our full-time transition to Lewistown
I'm challenged by one major issue - STORAGE.
Specifically as relates to my bits and pieces of china and crystal.

Several years ago my dear friend Tina and I 
had the pleasure of lunching at Carolyne Roehm's Connecticut estate.
An intimate affair we four sat at this very table in her butlers pantry.
As Tina tells the story... when I walked into that room my eyes lit up.
"You looked like a crack whore in a crack house".

You see... I have a problem...

At least that's how Frank describes it. Years ago he arrived in Montana
to discover a mound of packages from e-bay. More than irate he quickly
called me and said - "I don't know what's wrong but you have a problem.
And you need to see somebody about this NOW!"

Honestly I can't imagine why this two handled Adams Titian Ware
Royal Ivory Della Robia Cream Soup put him over the edge. Can you?

I have to admit that I do love to set a pretty table.
After all my job as a host is to provide a pleasurable experience.
And nothing is more tedious than dining at a table that isn't "fresh".

Five years later the tally is now over 100 patterns of china and crystal.
This assemblage is split between our city and country homes. Hence
the rationale that one needs multiple patterns, sets, colors. Makes sense?

But now.. where do I put all of it?

Our Montana condo is already filled to the brim.
It's china closet shelves bow under the weight of my porcelain booty.
I want a room like Carolyne's - a glass doored cornucopia of culinary carriers.
The question is where?

China Room - Nymphenburg Palace - Munich, Bavaria

I doubt Frank will embrace the idea
of turning our guest room into a "salle de porcelaine".
And transporting one's table service options
to/from a storage locker on the edge of town is not feasible.

Time to house hunt?